Hello! Ola! Hallo!

Hello, Ola, Hallo..(How many ever ways I try to put it  differently, It all makes the same sense!)

So, Hi! Again.

I’m not going to go ahead and type a speech for y’all to read. No, don’t worry. Instead, How about an Intro, of what my blog is? And, how is the blogger like? Eh..?

  To start with, My blog is for everyone..about everything. Blogs, algae, fungi, envelopes, blood..yadda yadda. .. What?! .. Oh sorry. My Bad. I ain’t gonna ride you through your biology lessons. By everything I meant, even the most absurd thing.. that no one bothered to pay attention to. Like, When new rubber tires are manufactured, the treaded tires to be specific, have elongated, sticking out strands of rubber. I mean, who cares..?! Its just a piece of rubber!!  and the second part of “everything” is.. The most random stuff that my eye catches. -.- And This is me, Aanya.. and who is me exactly?

 I’m a fine-tuned supersonic speed machine (Don’t turn me on), Adventurous (Never bother checking my adrenaline content), Car-girl (Don’t doubt that!.. And No, you’ve read it right.. I mentioned “Girl” )
I’m humorous (“Knock, Knock!”), I love TopGear, Mexican Food, Sebastian Vettel, Puma, Converse, bathroom singing (as my mom says it), iPod-ing (listening to music), Rihanna, Beyonce, and Pranking. Language that I talk the talk is.. Sarcasm (Fluent)..(Very!).
And.. If you think you’re the exact opposite of what I am.. then don’t forget to catch me @ anancando@gmail.com.